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Tue, Jan. 25th, 2005, 11:38 am
calcanterbury: News of the Week!


Something motivated Jesus, upon learning of the arrest of John the Baptist, to leave his carpenter’s shop for Capernaum and, there, to begin his own new life as an itinerant preacher. Did he know where that life would lead? Did he know the hardships along the way? Who knows? He may have had some inkling about the fate of prophets, but that didn’t deter him. The promise of the Kingdom of God sustained him.
Something in Jesus’s presence and preaching motivated Peter and Andrew, James and John to drop their nets one last time and to leave them lying. Whether Jesus’s call to them was actually as brief as Matthew suggests we don’t know. But clearly they were captivated by the promise of a new life. They left job and family behind to follow on a journey with Jesus.
Both Jesus’s realization of his mission and the two sets of brothers’ joining in that mission represent a repentance. We often associate that word “repentance” with some kind of moral shift-- and that can be one interpretation. But, at root, all it means, is a change of mind, or a retracing of one’s steps to return to the right path. Jesus and his four followers changed their minds about their life directions. And the direction of the world’s history was changed as a result.

Thursday’s Food for Thought: Tsunami Theology.  What happened at in SE Asia just after Christmas shakes the faith of many — not just Christians.  How do we make sense of it?  How was God present (absent?)?  Guests for the evening will include a former Canterburian who was in Sri Lanka when the tidal wave hit.  Dinner at 6:30, program at 7:15.

Next week’s Food for Thought:  Make Us Bread—Join us in baking bread for the homeless.  Mixing, kneading and baking starts at 6:00 pm in St. Mark’s Parish Hall (access through the alley between St. Mark’s and Canterbury House).

Cooking for Canterbury: Anyone who would like to cook for one of the Thursday nights should contact Janet S. (janet@berkeleycanterbury.org).

Canterbury Reads:  It’s time to pick up a book that’s not required reading.  Several folks have thought that Gareth Moore’s, A Question of Truth:  Christianity and Homosexuality would be a good read.  And, given the furor over Bp. Robinson, same-sex blessings, and the release of the Windsor Report, they’re probably right!  Day/time will be set soon, but if you’re interested, let Gary know!  In the meantime, see if you can find the book on-line!

Bishop Swing will visit!  The Rt. Rev. William Swing will make his last scheduled visit to Berkeley Canterbury on Sunday, February 13.  The venue will be St. Clement’s Episcopal Church.  The time will be 4:00 pm.  There will be little “formal” program, but we’re asking him to reflect on his 27 years of episcopacy, his thoughts about the Windsor Report, and how he views the future of campus ministry.  Put it on your calendars!